Arrivando a ogni nuova città il viaggiatore ritrova un suo passato che non sapeva più d'avere: l'estraneità di ciò che non sei più o non possiedi più t'aspetta al varco nei luoghi estranei e non posseduti.

(Italo Calvino - le città invisibili - 1972)











When we went on this musical journey we had no idea who or what part of ourselves we could have met. Maybe a friend we found amongst the notes of a record; maybe a place we imagined, covered with remembrance moist dust; maybe the breath of a dance coming out of our instruments.

All the images and sensations that came with us on this journey found a sound in this record. In the end we discovered we had a bag full of amulets and multicolored clothes we collected along the way. Then, we could open the bag and let the booty sadly flow through our hands; we chose instead to speak with Calvino's work from which we took the title for our record, sharing experiences and exchanging travel tales, as we could do with a friend met on an evening in an inn by the sea.

For the time being our journey ends here, glasses are empty, and we really don't know who visited what. All we can do is open our bag with you and leave one of the things we found to you, to be kept on your journey.